Mare Rumelike

Mare Rumelike
Given names

MarriageJakob StankiewiczView family

Birth of a son
Georg Stankiewicz
April 4, 1847
Christening of a sonGeorg Stankiewicz
April 6, 1847
Note: 83/1847 Paten: Egor Ulianow, Elze Rumelike, Julius Gauer, Dorothea Weiss
Marriage of a childGeorg StankiewiczAne GalinatikeView family
Type: Religious marriage
May 23, 1871
Note: 44/1871 Jurgis Stankus oo Ane Jonuszatene, geb. Galinatike
Marriage of a childGeorg StankiewiczElse SzimkikeView family
Type: Religious marriage
June 9, 1903 Husband: 56 J. Wife: 59 J.
Note: 43A/1903 Witwer Jurgis Stankevicz alias Stankus oo Elza Dilba, geb. Szimkus
Death of a sonGeorg Stankiewicz
June 22, 1912 Age: 65 J.
Note: verh.
Burial of a sonGeorg Stankiewicz
June 24, 1912

Note: 91/1912 Tauroggen